Monday, July 16, 2007

The process of a PB & J.
Riley has a process of building her own PB & J.
First she takes out the tub of margarine, sets it on the kitchen table,

then she takes out the jelly, sets it on the table, next she gets the peanut butter
out of the cupboard, and sets it on the table.
She asks for a paper towel, and puts two pieces of bread on it.

Now the fun begins....

1. she takes the margarine and spreads it on her bread..
Riles: "mommy, i need some help with the edges!"
Mommy: "Ok..riles..there..done"
2. takes a spoon (and only a spoon will work) and scoops out some jelly. She then puts this on the BUTTER side ONLY. It musnt' touch the other piece of bread.
Riles: "I wike jelly mom"
3. Takes the knife and dips it into the peanut butter,
Riles (as she is licking the knife): "Mister can't have peanut butter mommy." Dips the knife into the pb again and says "nope, mister can't have peanut butter, cause it will make him sick" as she licks the knife again.
4. Finally dips the knife BACK into the peanut butter, and spreads this onto her "samich"
Riles: "Ok mom...cut it, don't forget the crusts!"

This is the process, each time riles makes a pb and j. She HAS to line up all the ingredients in a stragiht line, have her spoon and knife ready to go...AND the bread MUST be sitting on a paper towel. Only after she has licked the knife, and assembled her masterpiece is it allowed to move to a plate. sigh.. i wonder how many pb and j's she will make? giggle
happy snackin'

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