Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look what we have now!
Aren;t they the COOLEST thing since marshmallows? I went to get hamburger at no frills, and had to park in front of the cowboy store. Well...these little buggers were sitting in the front window, as pretty as you please. So, of course I went in to investigate, and came out with them in hand. They are for Miss Riles of course, and she absolutely loves them. Now, yes they make these in pink, but we all know miss riles would have told me, "PINK IS FOR GIRLS!" so we went with the green ones. Here is a picture of what they look like, yes it is an internet picture, because my house is too dirty to take a picture of riles in the boots inside, and since it is 1000 degrees below zero, we aren't going outside either. (the boots are green with yellow stitching)
happy kicking,


Monday, January 21, 2008

The glory of parenthood...
It all started on Wednesday of last about 11pm. Riles had fallen asleep in the living room, and I had just let her sleep (who messes with a time bomb?) So at 11 she comes into my room crying and says, "Mommy...come look at piggy (stuffed animal she slept with). MOMMY! COME LOOK AT PIGGY!" So I get my kiester out of bed and mosey into the living room, w/o my glasses by the way..and see her pointing to the chair where she had crawled to sleep. I couldn't see what she was pointing too, so i get closer for a better look...WHAM! The smell hit me, and I almost lost it there right along with guessed it..VOMIT. we get her cleaned up, I tucked her in with daddy, and i come out and sleep on the couch. Thursday morning, she dry heaves, eats a pancake, noodle soup, and goes to bed about 8ish. Friday morning, 5:30 she had crawled in bed with us, i heard her swallowing, ya know the swallowing I am talking about, the "too many times to be normal" swallowing? Yep..she throws up, but it hits the spare blanket on the bed, so not a big deal..strip the bed and her, and daddy stays home. She eats all kinds of stuff, drinks lots of water, and goes to bed at about 8ish. Saturday, she wakes up throws up at 6:00 am, drinks some water, eats all kinds of junk, skunks momma pat at chutes and ladders, and sorry, and goes to bed at 6:30ish. Sunday was a good day. Didn't eat real good, but mostly healthy things. Then we have this morning, I heard this little voice from my doorway, "mommy, will you take me to the bathroom?" Now, mind you she had to pass this bathroom to come to ME. I said yes, and she took off for the kids' bathroom, and proceeded to, yep you guessed it. Now, I stay home, and she is acting FINE!
So.. I am wondering if we will EVER get over this, and what happens if danno gets it? Is it another week of this fun activity?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Congratulations Danny!
for bringing home the bestest report card ever! I am so proud of you! Let's hear it folks, he brought home ALL A's and B's! GPA is 3.5! Honor roll for quarter and semester! I am so proud!!!!
Love ya dude!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Update on miss tucker,
Well, we had to bring miss tucker and her litter inside because of the temperatures, and guess what my friends? There are TEN puppies! We talked to the vet about how to go about giving them away, screening people, etc, and he gave us some good information. So when the little suckers are ready to be weaned, we will have a game plan. Then, miss tucker will be spayed so we have no more unplanned pregnancies in this house! lol..they sure are cute!

Monday, January 07, 2008

I am a Grandma..
well almost anyway! Our sweet dog, Tucker, had puppies on Saturday night. So far I have counted six. She is in the very far back of the "dog house", and the door isn't very accomodating to a person with a rear end the size of mine. They all look to be black and white like their daddy whose name is Oreo. Tucker seems to be a good mommy, she is keeping them warm, and staying with them. Let's hope she raises them well. So, my friends in 8 weeks we will be giving away FREE PUPPIES! Any takers?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Aching for you,
I just want to give a shout and a prayer to Fickel today. Right now she is at her brother's visitation as he passed away on Thursday. Riles and I went to see her this morning, and told her we loved her. We are saying a prayer for you and your family. Please remember we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and will be here for you always.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..
please don't die, please don't die..
Meet Riles' new pets (aka goldfish) Gold and Fish. This is our second set of fish, the first didn't last more than 24 hours, cause miss r decided they were lonely and she needed to pet them. Yeah. Good thing these little suckers are cheap!
happy swimmin,