Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just gonna post some pictures!
(this is what happens when some punks have little punks AND a box of smoke bombs.. :)
the daredevil punk
playing at the children's museum this last winter
feelin fine and funky after taking 10 years off my life..
can you say DRAMA?
I also wanted to let you know, I am taking a break. Taking a break from the blog and some other stuff..
just breakin'

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Calling all prayer warriors..
My niece is pregnant with her second child. She found out today there are complications with the baby's heart. I am asking you all to pray for her, her fiance Curtis (turtis), her parents, and us. Please, please, please join us in asking for a miracle and praying it isn't as bad as they think.
love to all, and KA, please give curtis and stacey a hug from us! (baby Faylynn too!)
Back to School time
for the kiddos and me. Danno started school last week, I started school today, and Riles will start on the 4th. WOW! I don't have kids in my classroom until the 4th, so I have some time to get my classroom organized and decorated. I met my stafff today, and I have to say, I work with some really neat people.
I can't wait to meet the kids and get started teaching.
more later,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So yesterday....

I bought a calendar set for my classroom I fell in love with when I was at HeadStart last year. I didn't buy it then, because I didn't know which school I would be in, etc. (I am glad i didn't buy it, because of what happened..but anyway). I have to pick it up today, because it was at another store yesterday. I did get the weather frog tho. I cannot wait to use this little guy. He is so cute! lol...

Here is the calendar set i get to pic up today..

Fine as frog hair,


Friday, August 17, 2007

Guess what??

I got a job! I will post more info as soon as I have it. I will be a preschool headstart teacher in a neighboring town. I am so excited! Yippee!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just because i am twisted, and this was the funniest night at the river...
And also cause mikey got a new job! I am so proud of you mikey..imagine the new possibilities for you in your new role. So..He wanted me to post the pics of him and kenzie plugging in the bug zapper. This night was so funny, cause evidently Kizzie's feet didn't smell too pretty..and mike was gagging. LOL...yeah for kenzie!
Stop and smell the roses,

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ok..i don't feel so bad now...
I just talked to my friend i team taught with last year. Today was her first day of school (new teachers had to be there a week earlier than others), and she told me..
1. As of yet, she doesn't have a para (associate).
2. Headstart got rid of their site facilitators. (Which means when they don't have any substitutes, they have no one to fill in for the teachers when they will be gone).
3. Out of 30 Headstart teachers, only SIX are returning.
How sad is that? Does that tell them anything about their program? I think it is sad. Really sad for those kids..because I AM A GOOD TEACHER..and i can't get hired back without an Early Childhood endorsement.
I have the BEST friends EVAH!

I am lucky. Lucky enough to have those precious few I can call "friends." I have friends I have know since gradeschool, friends since high school, friends I have met at various jobs, and friends I have me through scrapbooking. Ironically enough, these (scrapbooking) friends and I have really only known each other for a little over a year. These friends laugh with me, cry with me, scream with me (or at me), and just listen to me. That means the most to me. I have been a bit depresses lately. It seems I am not qualified for any jobs that i have applied for, or I am a terrible interviewer. (Well the only job i have gotten a call back on is working as a CS phone rep for 8.00 an hour. THAT one i got hired over the phone for...don't think so.) and I am lucky enough to be able to substitute and make enough money to enjoy the things i like to do.

Anyway, these friends try to help me feel better about my loser self, and make me feel good. They tell me the right job will come along, and they tell me things will look better in the future, and they tell me people just suck. :) These friends are De, Mindy, Stacy, and Fickel.

Did I also mention they give up a pink bracelet they had extras of so I can feel whole again? Well...fickel is the bestest! lol..Seriously tho. I have been blessed in the friend department. is a pic of us all at The Scrapbook Store. This is where I love to be.

Fickel is of course beside me, from left to right is: (middle row)..Ms. Bettie (owners' mom, Tracey (owner) Stacey (yellow) Beth, and Sheryl (long blonde hair)
(back row) Mindy, De (dee), and Kari (owner).

Be friendly,

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

(sigh) He can still eat cookies in my bed...anytime..

This is Bret Michaels. Lead singer of one of THE BEST rocker bands from the late 80's and 90's. I listened (and still thanks to some new tunes) to Poison from the time they first came out, and have been a fan ever since. I was so happy to hear of their reunion, but didn't realize that Bret (lead singer) made some music on his own. I found this by accident. Isn't he yummy? The name of the song is All I Ever Needed and when you click on the picture it will beep for about 30 seconds..just be works.
Be prepared to drool...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Congratulations Aunt tachelle! (ta-shell)

Riley, Mckenna, and I went to the art museum and watched Aunt Michelle (my sister in law, she is married to the fruit loop kenny) graduate with her masters in nursing. We are so proud of her! Way to go aunt tachelle! (Riley calls her and my sister, both michelle's, aunt ta shell)

We love you!

Chris, Riles, Danny, and whimp

Friday, August 03, 2007

I am sad today :(
Last year in September, Fickel, Mrs. Robinson, their friend Cindy, and I all went to Crop for the Cure in Nebraska. I had the BEST time EVER! It was the first "organized" crop that i have ever attended. We had so much fun ,and I hold the memories dear to my heart. Well anyway, we each got goody bags, and in these goody bags were pink "Share the Promise" bracelets. You know the kind..the rubber ones. I have worn mine religiously since i got it, and broke! I am heartbroken, and feel empty without it. Yes, we are going again this year, but it is in NOVEMBER, and who knows if we will get another one.
Anyway, my heart goes out to MN. I could not begin to imagine what those people thought as they saw, felt, or heard about the bridge collapse. I usually take my niece Kenzie scrapping with me. I tend to teaser her because every time we go over the MO bridge...she closes her eyes. She is scared of it falling. Well..i will apologize. I am sorry for making fun of you kenzie..your fear is very real.
On another note, my sister Cindy had some weird postings to her blog. I don't know exactly what happened, but what i understand is someone from the rinky dink, messed up hometown we are from (you know the one..the one who has a 3rd grade teacher (who still teaches 3rd grade) tell me i would never make anything of myself, because i was a C___________s kid...yeah...THAT one) told her she should give this town another chance. OMFlippingG! The nerve...and it doesn't matter if you belong to a betterment committee or not.. I have a very hard time thinking positively about this town. I would not live here, and i very rarely shop here ( only the grocery store..because Mrs.W was rile's teacher and she was so very good to her) if my husband wasn't so against moving from here. Seriously. He is a truck driver, and i am a teacher..we can get jobs pretty much anywhere. I have such a hatred for this town, I open enroll my children to another school 15 miles out of my way and i DO NOT substitute here. (Thank goodness shell lives in that school district, and the school bus picks her kids up.) I know, no matter what anyone does, we will not change the attitude or feelings in this town. It will always be a matter of "Them vs Us." Isn't it sad? Just think of where we would be if we could all work as a team.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Isn't he the cutest thing?
Aunt deanne told mister to say he did.
have a great day