Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just gonna post some pictures!
(this is what happens when some punks have little punks AND a box of smoke bombs.. :)
the daredevil punk
playing at the children's museum this last winter
feelin fine and funky after taking 10 years off my life..
can you say DRAMA?
I also wanted to let you know, I am taking a break. Taking a break from the blog and some other stuff..
just breakin'


grandmacarnes said...

I didn't know that they children's museum had that kitchen area, it looks like a ton of fun. Did they set off the whole box of smoke bombs? I must have missed that. I can see all the bruises all over Riles' legs, I remember being covered with them myself as a kid. She's pretty clean in that photo, must have been early in her day.

:Jayne said...

I'll miss you & reading your blog. I hope it's not a long break!


grandmacarnes said...

OK! Break's over, time to get posting!