Monday, June 18, 2012

Losing You

Losing you...was one of the hardest things we have gone through as a family. Losing you...we are no longer the 8 of us (here on Earth...our hearts we will be 8 of us forever). I can't look at your picture. I can't believe I will never hear you say "Love ya!" at the end of a phone call. I miss you. Oh how I miss you. You have been my hero for so long, it's hard to imagine my life goes on. I know you are at peace. I could see it on your face. Your struggles on Earth were many, yet you were always willing to help, no matter what the task.
As summer has appeared I look at people's gardens and wonder what you would have planted this year, I look at people fishing and wonder what you would have caught. I worried and wondered at the end of your life hoping you felt our love for you. It's taken me awhile to write these words for you. You deserve so much more than what I can say here. So, I will just say to you...
I miss your daisy dukes and chicken legs this summer. I love you Big Brother. whimper sue.