Thursday, April 23, 2009

Got my donation packet..
for Haddie's heart walk. Her team name is "Team Hadleigh, We love a broken heart". For those of you who don't know Haddie's story...
Hadleigh is my great-niece who was born in October 2007 with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome..which means she has half a heart. She has had the first of three surgeries and is being screened next month to see if she is ready for her second stage surgery. We are walking next month to help raise money (similar to walk for a cure) for congenital heart defects. Please consider donating to a wonderful cause.
If you would like to donate, please don't hesitate to call me or email me!
thanks for being generous

wendy and haddie

Sunday, April 19, 2009

wow..what a busy crazy couple weeks. Last week my brother had his back surgery (wednesday) and came home yesterday. We had planned a dinner at mom's prior to his homecoming, so his first day at home was crazy and busy. We didn't know he would be released so soon! Anyway, on my many blog visits today, I saw a quote by matt at dear spike love dad.

"It's nice to do well in school. But it's better to do well in life."
This quote says a lot to me. I have been reflecting on the guilt I feel when dad was in the hospital before he passed away. My father was in the hospital more than he was home the last year of his life. I remember after I had Riles he was home for about 3 weeks and I would take her up to see him while I was on maternity leave. He didn't feel strong enough to hold her because the medicine he took made him shake. This was very hard for my dad because the first thing he wanted when he had a new grandbaby was to hold them. I would set her carseat by the couch and he would talk to her and when she would start to cry tell me "She's startin' to squeak in here." I am glad he got to meet her. When he went back into the hospital before he had his surgery, we "smuggled" her in to see him. I didn't get to spend a lot of time when my dad was in the hospital. I worked through the day and 2 nights a week (5:30pm-11:00) and on saturdays (8:30-3) I had classes to finish my teaching degree. My dad also had some type of infection for a while that prevented me from being there since I was pregnant. We (sisters) tried to remember what it was, but we couldn't.
Anyway, after his surgery he contacted a staph infection which ultimately led to his death. This is what started to cause his body to shut down. It was summer, I still had classes on Tues/Thurs nights and Saturdays, and mom and I went to the hospital through the week. I still have felt I didn't spend enough time with him. The university I attended docked me attendance points when I gave birth to Riley (I had her on a Thursday, so I missed my Thursday night class, Saturday class (two separate classes), but attended the Tuesday night class). One of the instructors I had at the time dad was dying refused to let me email her my papers as I got them finished. They weren't late, but I had borrowed a laptop from work and typed while mom and I were visiting. Her response was "It would be an extra cost to print them for the university." I volunteered to buy ink, paper, etc. I finally had to go to the dean to get permission to do this. The night my father passed away was before one of my last nights of classes. I was docked attendance points again for missing part of class because we were finalizing the details of the funeral.
I guess what i am saying in this post is, I wish i would have had enough backbone to do well in life, instead of school during this time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

just in a funk. got my mother's day cards finished..but can't post them. that's ok tho, cause they were a total scraplift of one i saw last week. i just used a different stamp. they are sooooo cute tho.
i hope my mood doesn't last long.. lots of things to think about this week

Thursday, April 09, 2009

And now..
I can share the word album I made for a friend to give her cousin as a baby gift.. It is being delivered to bonnie today, so here it is. It spells KAYDIN. I cut the name out with SCAL using my cricut, the paper is Animal Crackers by DCWV and all animals were cut out from the Animal Kingdom cricut cart. I don't remember the font i used for the name sorry! I also used the distressed stickles to give the frog and alligator some texture. Thanks to mindy for introducing me to the distressed ones! lol

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How FREAKING cool is this?
Cindy and Karen always send me the cutest recipes for kids. I enjoy making fun recipes with my kiddos, both like to cook very much. I believe Riles knows the chocolate chip cookie recipe by memory. Anyway, yesterday I started my spring break, and today riles is home with me..with a 100.3 fever keeping us company. Aunt Cindy sent us an email with a recipe for rainbow cupcakes and rainbow cakes! How cool is this? We are going to try to make it for Easter dinner I think. Here is what it looks like.. (riles wants me to say love her, daddy, danny, mom, bubba, justin, uncle brandy, aunt mike, (HAHA), celeste, and katelyn.) (photo from Omnomicon blog)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thank you...
isn't enough. Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, donated, or stopped to ask us how Ron is doing. He is doing well. They removed the ventilator yesterday, and had him sitting in a chair this afternoon. We truly appreciate everyone's concerns and prayers.