Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How FREAKING cool is this?
Cindy and Karen always send me the cutest recipes for kids. I enjoy making fun recipes with my kiddos, both like to cook very much. I believe Riles knows the chocolate chip cookie recipe by memory. Anyway, yesterday I started my spring break, and today riles is home with me..with a 100.3 fever keeping us company. Aunt Cindy sent us an email with a recipe for rainbow cupcakes and rainbow cakes! How cool is this? We are going to try to make it for Easter dinner I think. Here is what it looks like.. (riles wants me to say love her, daddy, danny, mom, bubba, justin, uncle brandy, aunt mike, (HAHA), celeste, and katelyn.) (photo from Omnomicon blog)


Brandy said...

That is very cool! And we love Riles too!

Dirtbikes and Divas said...

Is this recipe a big secret or could another desperate for fun while cooped up indoors mom drag it out of you!! This is too cute, hope You little one is better soon!