Saturday, September 01, 2012

So much loss this year...

Our family has had so many losses this year. We lost our mom in January, Ron in May, and then just 2 weeks ago we lost my mother in law, Pat. I have been so blessed to have had her in my life. I was one of the lucky ones. A lucky one who had a true friend in her mother in law. I valued her friendship and enjoyed her tremendously. As we live our lives, we don't realize how much someone has impacted our life, until they are no longer there. This is how I feel. I wish I would have stopped by her house to see her more often, instead of calling. I wish I would have told her how very much she meant to me, more often. She was a wonderful woman, who always had a smile on her face and a kind word for your heart. She sent the best cards with a message you always needed to hear, to lift your spirits or so you simply knew she cared. She loved her husband, children and grandchildren unconditionally. Riles has been having a very hard time with this loss. Grandma was her very best friend, and she doesn't quite know what to do with her time now. She doesn't like to talk about her, and today was in tears because she couldn't show her her new Huskers hat. We were cleaning out some drawers today and came across cards we had saved, written in her handwriting. We sat and cried for awhile, then wiped our tears and carried on as we know she would want us too.
We love you, we miss you. Your absence is felt everyday in everything we do.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Losing You

Losing you...was one of the hardest things we have gone through as a family. Losing you...we are no longer the 8 of us (here on Earth...our hearts we will be 8 of us forever). I can't look at your picture. I can't believe I will never hear you say "Love ya!" at the end of a phone call. I miss you. Oh how I miss you. You have been my hero for so long, it's hard to imagine my life goes on. I know you are at peace. I could see it on your face. Your struggles on Earth were many, yet you were always willing to help, no matter what the task.
As summer has appeared I look at people's gardens and wonder what you would have planted this year, I look at people fishing and wonder what you would have caught. I worried and wondered at the end of your life hoping you felt our love for you. It's taken me awhile to write these words for you. You deserve so much more than what I can say here. So, I will just say to you...
I miss your daisy dukes and chicken legs this summer. I love you Big Brother. whimper sue.

Monday, January 09, 2012

You will be missed so very much.

My heart is heavy right now. I want to pick up the phone and call you, but I know you won't answer. I won't ever hear your voice again. I won't ever see your smile, or hear you tell me you love me. (this is all about me you know ;) I walk into your house and look for you in your bed, but you are not there. You left us, and I should be comforted by knowing you have joined Dad, but I am selfish. I want you here. Here with me, so I can physically touch you, hear you, talk to you, and love you.

I miss you mom, and I will everyday for the rest of my life.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Merry Everything...
No, I haven't fallen off the earth. I was just taking a break for a bit. Our lives really haven't been that interesting, and man it sure seemed like 2011 flew by. We have had some sad news in our family recently. Around Oct. my oldest brother was diagnosed with cancer. It was located on his tongue and safely removed. Cancer, however; wasn't finished with our family. My mother (a 2 time cancer survivor) was informed in Dec. the cancer we thought she beat in 2008, was indeed back. It is inoperable and they cannot do radiation. They will treat it with Chemo, and hopefully it will keep it from growing.
On with info on the kiddos..Danny has grown 2 inches since school started, he is now in men's clothing, and will be shaving soon I am sure. He is slowly adjusting with a new school, and is still his fun loving self. Riles loves her new school, grew an inch, lost five pounds and went back a size in jeans. We had to buy a belt to keep her pants from falling down. She is still as spirited as ever, but I cannot imagine my life without either of them.
Our Christmas was pretty low key and the kids managed to score lots of things from their Christmas lists. As for me, Chris gave me money for christmas and my birthday and I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo. It is simply the best machine. I am sure I will find things I am not so happy about, but for cuts way better than my cricut. I haven't decided if I will keep the bug or not. Anyway, here are pictures of our christmas fun.
Happy New Year everyone.