Saturday, January 22, 2011

And the Wiener is...
Riles! Yep..she matched the dates to the puzzle game and got a wienie whistle (and they were so nice they gave her another one for Danny :)
We went to the dreaded W place today and lo and behold..there it sat. Now, I don't know if you know this faithful readers (all 3 of you), but I have secretly LOVED the wienie mobile all my life. *I* bought the hotwheel many years before I had children, and then found another one at a garage sale, score! I giggle everytime I see it. I know, it's right up there with my love for all things Sesame Street (which is the new cricut cartridge I just bought).
Here are the pictures of Miss Riles with the wieniemobile. (Danny didn't go: 1. He loathes grocering (as he used to call it), and 2. it wasn't supposed to be there until tomorrow, which is when we were going to make a drive specifically to see it.
Have a bunderful day!