Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nothing says summer like....
corn on the cob, best friends, bike rides, and walks down a country road. All with your favorite people in the world... :)
have a safe and happy summer
whimp and co.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

TEAM HADLEIGH we love a broken heart...

Yesterday, my children and I participated in the Heart Walk in honor of Hadleigh. We all gathered in our red and white shirts that read "Team Hadleigh, we love a broken heart" on the front, and on the back, words I could barely look at "In memory of Hadleigh Ann Griffin Oct 12, 2007-Oct.16, 2009." It was a bittersweet day honoring someone so young. While on the walk, Riles and I had a conversation yesterday that absolutely broke my heart. She wanted to know why Haddie left a piece of her heart in Heaven with Jesus. It astounds me how much children comprehend the world around them. I don't remember sharing this story with Riles. We talked about it and then she said "I wish Haddie was still here." I believe we all made that wish several times. I know I did.
My children have always been diligent supporters for Hadleigh. They asked me one morning while driving to school if I would call in to the radio station and sign them up to be KAT BANDITS. There was a radiothon for children's hospital, and they wanted to raise money for Haddie, since she spent time there. Riles jump roped for heart, so she could "support kids who have heart stuff like Haddie does," and they walked almost 4 miles yesterday to honor her. Proudly wearing their red and white shirts.
Here is Haddie's Team. I was honored to walk with them in Haddie's honor.
Support Heart Disease. It knows no age.
(Team Hadleigh)
(Mike and Dude)
(the kiddos)
(waiting for the walk to begin)
(on our way to the event)