Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hello friends!
No, I have not been abducted by aliens. I am just super busy. I have been so busy, that I do not have any new pictures of my children. Well, I do have a picture of Danny's city he made out of broken chalk pieces, (but i will wait to post that when I have some new pics of mr. man). Wait till riles wakes up and discovers her chalk is broken..aye aye aye! The wonderful joys of motherhood.
Nothing new here, except I am scrapping this weekend at the store. Can't wait for that, and just trying to make it to the end of this school year with my sanity intact. Chris has been begging me to resign, but i love those kids! I just don't like one CERTAIN adult in the room! lol...more of that later.
Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hope i have not offended anyone with my previous post..
I know karen is a wonderful, kind, patient, mother. I DID NOT think for a minute she didn't want her children. NEVER did i think that..i could tell by her post that she was having a hard day. She feels like she lost herself to this role of motherhood. I think we all feel like that sometimes. w
EDITED TO ADD: Karen, i remember how you were in high school, full of life, loving everything about living. I have watched you grow along side of me, and blossom into a wonderful, beautiful young woman, who loves her children, husband, and family. You have such an amazing spirit within you..sometimes when we first become mothers we lose sight of that spirit..sometimes misplace it. We have to remember to find it, hold on tight, and enjoy just being. I know we hear that a lot, enjoy just being. You will find all these things again. Sometimes you have to have a little power struggle with yourself on what you are willing to change, for the sake of sanity. Usually, when you do this, they are the little things that used to matter, but no longer do. You will know what i am talking about. I think it is time to take a well deserved break. Come home and scrap for awhile! love ya w

Monday, January 22, 2007

What would it be like??
My niece, Karen, posted this on her blog. I can totally relate to how she feels. I think at one time or other, ALL moms can relate. If you say you have never felt this way, well...i will call you a liar. (I know this post wasn't JUST about being a mother, but this is what spoke to me..it will speak differently to each person reading it..)
what is it like?
to be full of life, to have confidence, to be passionate, to feel loved, to be motivated, what does it feel like to have a life? a life other than my own? to have a good meal with fruits and vegetables that don't come from a can, to not get peed on, to not be so damn tired, to live in civilization, to be talented, to have a passion and be able to completely embrace that passion, to run, to feel beautiful, to not hurt, to not question, to dream, to follow those dreams, to put your thoughts into print in front of your eyes, rather than behind, to live in CA or NYC, to get a FULL nights rest gosh,

what is it like?
Having felt like this before, and when I was a single mom, I often asked myself "what would i do if i didn't have a child?" Would I travel? Would I have different dreams? Would I get to sleep till noon? Would I be the remote queen? Would I be rich? Would I be pretty? (ok...that is a kid's song..sorry) Would i still party like a rock star?Would i still be in the same rinky dink town i grew up in? Would i....?
I know this... if i DIDN'T have children....my life wouldn't be as enjoyable, i wouldn't be so understanding, i wouldn't get to sit on the sidewalk and watch ants build a colony, i wouldn't get to squirt shaving cream on the table and write my name in it, (works with pudding too...on a side note..if you try this..introduce shaving cream FIRST..cause if you lick your hands with shaving cream on them..it sucks)..
I wouldn't get to lay in the grass on a nice spring day, eating an ice cream cone, and trying to guess what the clouds looked like. I wouldn't get to buy sidewalk chalk, bubbles, hot wheel cars, tricycles, helmets, Dora or Batman bandaids, cute little animal shaped paper plates, would i even watch wonder pets, dora, diego, blues clues, cartoon network, or play cake mania? Probably not..believe it or not, my son changed my life. Suddenly it was no longer about me. I had to grow up..be responsible, and watch my heart walk around outside my body. I am stilll on the bench about riles.. snort...love you karen, we will live through this..just be sure to pass on the curse..(i hope you have a child who acts just like you)..lol..

Also..WARM your plate in the micro for about 3 minutes..leave it there, fix your kids plates, get them situated, fix your plate, help the kids with whatever, start eating and your food will still at least, be tepid. :)
Kynnedi Update

Remember this beautiful girl? I posted on my blog (September I think) about a benefit/fundraiser to help Kynnedi receive cochlear implants. Kynnedi was born deaf and insurance would only pay for ONE cochlear implant. Good News!

Well...on December 11, 2006 Kynnedi underwent the operation to receive TWO cochlear implants. She is doing well. It is my understanding that she will start speech and other types of therapy in the future to help her associate the sounds with objects. She is truly blessed. How wonderful is it to live in a time where we can bring sound to the deaf?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hello friends. Did you miss me?
Things have been busy here in dead cornfield land. Lots of stuff going on with school and stuff. Sorry I haven't had time to blog.
We started back to school on Monday, and then had a four day weekend. It was wonderful...except...i have caught a cold! I feel yucky and blechy. I ache all over and my nose won't quit running. To top it all off, I have run out of puffs plus tissues. Ugh..nothing quite does the trick accept puffs.

Of course, i could be feeling yucky because I had to get a MMR shot...yes, you heard me, I had to have an immunization! Why? BECAUSE.....
I am now an official member of the student body for UNO. Yep..going back to start (and hopefully finish) my masters degree in Early Childhood Education. Not so bad for a child whose third grade teacher told me I wouldn't make anything of myself huh? Enough with the horrors of growing up as a student in the MSD....
Kids are doing good...both got their haircuts last week. Danny still does his same old haircut..something he doesn't have to comb, and riles' got hers cut just above her shoulders. She really does look like a tomboy now! lol...just as ornery too.
Well, I hate to say i do not have any pictures to upload..well..i do, but my house is an absolute PIT in them, so I can't share. sorry..i am not THAT rednecked!
OH...to all those scrapbookers out there..I did buy Opposites Attract AND Zooballoo for the cricut machine yesterday..needless to say, i won't be having any fun for the next week, cause i blew all my spending money! Oh well, chris will float me a loan..lol..he really is such a good man. love him.
see you soon,

Friday, January 05, 2007

Snow Raspberries...

Finally..got this picture scrapped! I was so impatient to get this picture scrapped, that i worked around riles all night to get it done. Whew! Here it is...i am going to add something to the right side of the picture..just can't decide if i want a word there or some ribbon.



Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sing it sister!
A fun time was had by all....

We had such a wonderful Christmas. We are truly blessed to belong to such great families. We celebrated Christmas with my Mom on Saturday (23) and danny got sick..poor guy, so we had to leave early. Christmas Eve was pretty boring..we stayed home and got ready for Christmas! Christmas morning is always a rush..we open presents, then start the wonderful process for going to Grandma Pat's and Grandpa Blackie's (Chris' mom and dad). I truly love going to my in-laws for christmas. Pat is such a wonderful person. She makes sure everyone is so taken care of. She is constantly asking if we are ok..always asking us..would you like something??..love her tremendously! (not to mention she makes jello poke cake at christmas..one of my FAVES!) Anyway, this year she got me an awesome bracelet that has hearts that danlge from it. The kids in my class are gonna love it! I know I do! She also got me a new wallet (will love this for my crops..I can put everything i need in it and take it instead of my purse). I also got a gift certificate to the Avenue..a fluffy person's store (this means i am disproportioned). This is one of my favorite stores..isn't it great she knows me so well?? The kids got more presents than they truly deserve...the little monsters anyway. Santa was definitely good this year. Riles' favorite gifts include her desk, her teaset, tinkertoys, and most importantly, her Curious George stuffed animal(he makes noise). Danno's include his X-BOX, his mp3 player, his Bass Pro Shop gift certificate, and his foot locker..complete with his name (thanks to uncle kenny for purchasing it, and grandpa blackie for painting the goodies on top!). All in all...we were truly blessed this year..me definitely. Look at everyone i get to call family! (I think my sister michelle has the BEST photo frame..it says Remember, everyone thinks we are a NORMAL family!)...love it. Here are some more pics of the wonderful monsters that invade my home.


and last, but not least...the one and only...true fruit loop of the family..Uncle Kenny (Chris' btother, aka..the man who had danny convinced he had a pink elephant with yellow running shoes in Pat and Blackie's Basement).

Monday, January 01, 2007

Making a Snowman....

First you have to have SNOW..and we got lots of it yesterday. I bet we got at least 6 inches of snow. Riles has been waiting for snow since July. At least once a week she asks us when the snow will come. "Will it be one more sleep, mommy?" Is what she always asks. Well, yesterday morning it started to snow. She was so excited, she was constantly asking when she could go outside. This morning Daddy and I dressed her in her snowpants, gloves, hats, boots, and winter coat(none of which match by the way!) and played outside. She tried so hard to build a snowman, but decided it was too much work! So she just played instead. Here are some pictures of what she did.
(Danny was at grandma's (of course) and didn't want to come home to play).