Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A fun time was had by all....

We had such a wonderful Christmas. We are truly blessed to belong to such great families. We celebrated Christmas with my Mom on Saturday (23) and danny got sick..poor guy, so we had to leave early. Christmas Eve was pretty boring..we stayed home and got ready for Christmas! Christmas morning is always a rush..we open presents, then start the wonderful process for going to Grandma Pat's and Grandpa Blackie's (Chris' mom and dad). I truly love going to my in-laws for christmas. Pat is such a wonderful person. She makes sure everyone is so taken care of. She is constantly asking if we are ok..always asking us..would you like something?? her tremendously! (not to mention she makes jello poke cake at of my FAVES!) Anyway, this year she got me an awesome bracelet that has hearts that danlge from it. The kids in my class are gonna love it! I know I do! She also got me a new wallet (will love this for my crops..I can put everything i need in it and take it instead of my purse). I also got a gift certificate to the Avenue..a fluffy person's store (this means i am disproportioned). This is one of my favorite stores..isn't it great she knows me so well?? The kids got more presents than they truly deserve...the little monsters anyway. Santa was definitely good this year. Riles' favorite gifts include her desk, her teaset, tinkertoys, and most importantly, her Curious George stuffed animal(he makes noise). Danno's include his X-BOX, his mp3 player, his Bass Pro Shop gift certificate, and his foot locker..complete with his name (thanks to uncle kenny for purchasing it, and grandpa blackie for painting the goodies on top!). All in all...we were truly blessed this definitely. Look at everyone i get to call family! (I think my sister michelle has the BEST photo says Remember, everyone thinks we are a NORMAL family!) it. Here are some more pics of the wonderful monsters that invade my home.


and last, but not least...the one and only...true fruit loop of the family..Uncle Kenny (Chris' btother, aka..the man who had danny convinced he had a pink elephant with yellow running shoes in Pat and Blackie's Basement).


grandmacarnes said...

Oh, Wendy that picture of Riles singing is precious! She cracks me up so bad. What fun you must have had, I love the foot locker, too, how cool is that? Oldest Sister Cindy........'bout time you updated the blog!

supermom said...

great pics. the locker is super cool and riles singing. that girl is so funny. wild woman. i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.