Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hello friends. Did you miss me?
Things have been busy here in dead cornfield land. Lots of stuff going on with school and stuff. Sorry I haven't had time to blog.
We started back to school on Monday, and then had a four day weekend. It was wonderful...except...i have caught a cold! I feel yucky and blechy. I ache all over and my nose won't quit running. To top it all off, I have run out of puffs plus tissues. Ugh..nothing quite does the trick accept puffs.

Of course, i could be feeling yucky because I had to get a MMR shot...yes, you heard me, I had to have an immunization! Why? BECAUSE.....
I am now an official member of the student body for UNO. Yep..going back to start (and hopefully finish) my masters degree in Early Childhood Education. Not so bad for a child whose third grade teacher told me I wouldn't make anything of myself huh? Enough with the horrors of growing up as a student in the MSD....
Kids are doing good...both got their haircuts last week. Danny still does his same old haircut..something he doesn't have to comb, and riles' got hers cut just above her shoulders. She really does look like a tomboy now! lol...just as ornery too.
Well, I hate to say i do not have any pictures to upload..well..i do, but my house is an absolute PIT in them, so I can't share. sorry..i am not THAT rednecked! all those scrapbookers out there..I did buy Opposites Attract AND Zooballoo for the cricut machine yesterday..needless to say, i won't be having any fun for the next week, cause i blew all my spending money! Oh well, chris will float me a really is such a good man. love him.
see you soon,


huskers said...

I can only think that you now have almost all of the fonts to the cricut. Well at least I know that I can use them when we are scrappin together,right??
Please get well soon as we have a date for scrappin on Saturday.

supermom said...

rub it in, rub it in. rub it in. enjoy enjoy the zooballoo

JEN said...

you make me jealous! I really want to get more cartridges! I bought Jasmine last week - however, haven't had the time to play with it..UGH! Thanks for updating.

However, I'm anxious to see who you had for your 3rd grade teacher. That year was the most tramatizing year of my childhood regarding school (well besides the I.S.S. that we both shared in 6th grade..haha)but it was because of my teacher. I cried every morning and begged mom to keep me home! Mom didn't know what to do with me and I remember sitting in Mr. Cocoon's office almost daily.