Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hope i have not offended anyone with my previous post..
I know karen is a wonderful, kind, patient, mother. I DID NOT think for a minute she didn't want her children. NEVER did i think that..i could tell by her post that she was having a hard day. She feels like she lost herself to this role of motherhood. I think we all feel like that sometimes. w
EDITED TO ADD: Karen, i remember how you were in high school, full of life, loving everything about living. I have watched you grow along side of me, and blossom into a wonderful, beautiful young woman, who loves her children, husband, and family. You have such an amazing spirit within you..sometimes when we first become mothers we lose sight of that spirit..sometimes misplace it. We have to remember to find it, hold on tight, and enjoy just being. I know we hear that a lot, enjoy just being. You will find all these things again. Sometimes you have to have a little power struggle with yourself on what you are willing to change, for the sake of sanity. Usually, when you do this, they are the little things that used to matter, but no longer do. You will know what i am talking about. I think it is time to take a well deserved break. Come home and scrap for awhile! love ya w


supermom said...

you DO NOT NEED TO APOLOGIZE. no offense taken. well, with this one, you did bring tears to my eyes and ya got me in the heart. thanks for the sweet words. luv ya.

grandmacarnes said...

Karen is not THAT person, one who finds offense at every little thing. She was flattered, and quite taken aback that not only you, but Brandy, too, quoted her on your blogs. She has a hard time putting things on paper, much like myself. Steve and Isaac have a knack for placing thought in print. Lucky them. Cindy