Monday, January 01, 2007

Making a Snowman....

First you have to have SNOW..and we got lots of it yesterday. I bet we got at least 6 inches of snow. Riles has been waiting for snow since July. At least once a week she asks us when the snow will come. "Will it be one more sleep, mommy?" Is what she always asks. Well, yesterday morning it started to snow. She was so excited, she was constantly asking when she could go outside. This morning Daddy and I dressed her in her snowpants, gloves, hats, boots, and winter coat(none of which match by the way!) and played outside. She tried so hard to build a snowman, but decided it was too much work! So she just played instead. Here are some pictures of what she did.
(Danny was at grandma's (of course) and didn't want to come home to play).



Deanne said...

Wow...what awsome pictures!!! Did Dad go out and play too? This will probably be the first snow she remembers. Missed you Sunday night.
Talk to you soon.
Auntie Dee

supermom said...

now she was having some fun. who cares that she didn't match. all that matters was, fun was had by all. we are only young once.

huskers said...

What great pictures you took. AS always!! Riles doesn't care that her clothes don't match just as long as she gets to play. I am sure she had a blast. Did she get hot chocolate after playing in the snow??