Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Halloween Party...part 1

Our Halloween party was a great success..the kids had a marvelous time! Altogether we had (I think) 85 children show up. Great turnout when you send out 125 invitations.
I have some pics..some are dark..i did lighten a few. The pics I am posting tonight are of my sister Deanne (or Mesmeralda) and the room we had decorated for her. She was a gypsy fortune teller and was THE HIT of the party.
Great job to all my sisters for throwing a WONDERFUL party..can't wait for next year now!

I will post more pics tomorrow.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's here, it's here!

Wahoo...I am excited! I finally broke down and purchased another alphabet for my die cutting machine for scrapbooking. Now..if you are a scrapper you know these little suckers are expensive, but I got this one for $50.00! is having a pretty good sale (use coupon code ws6255). I need another one? Lol.


Monday, October 16, 2006

New Layouts

I have had these layouts finished for awhile..figured I better get them posted. I am a bad mom. I never have enough photos of Danny to scrap more than one layout a weekend. The kid hates to pose for pics..unless I bribe him. I am going broke. lol
Riles on the other hand is a ham. Future scrapbooker in the making. (She calls it scrapbookie)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Someone I know is going to be VERY surprised!

No..said person is not getting this until Christmas..but I couldn't pass this opportunity up..and yes, he his spoiled rotten..but he is mine to spoil. After all that is why I work.
I found THIS used..but he won't care! I got the system and 3 games for $130.00.
Now said person is almost done for xmas. I just have to get a couple more things..and then I need to get stuff for Miss R.
Guess What I Got??

I got a GREAT deal on a sizzlit font called Aphrodite. I actually got it for a way better price..can't wait for it to get here. This is one font that I reallllllllly wanted.
So much going on right now and I can't really talk about it here as I want to keep it as positive as possible.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Not much to say..not much to update on. I am having scrapbooking withdrawls. My sisters and I are having a Halloween party for our children next Saturday. I don't think I am ready yet..will I ever be? Probably not. We will invite 1 of every grade from 1st through 7th grade, and 2 fifth Between us all we have a child in every grade 7th through 1st grade (two in 5th grade..twins). what have we gotten ourselves into?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have deeply wounded my son...

I don't know if I can fix it. He is heart broken by some words I said. He doesn't understand my anger. He probably never will. I made the situation can I fix it?
Danny was playing my computer tonight. He plays my computer most nights..but tonight was different. Instead of using the bookmark on my computer, I typed my blog address in the address bar. When I am creating new posts, he loves to look at the pictures I have posted. Usually he doesn't read anything..well..tonight, because I was to busy to monitor his internet activities (thank goodness he only went to my blog!) He read the comments I had written about his biological father. (I have since edited my post.) I didn't think anything about the whole dark whole thing. Danny did. His forgiving, loving, 9.5 year old heart doesn't understand why I could think such mean thoughts.
I have always tried not to talk negatively about troy in my son's presence. I want him to make up his own mind about such matters. Now..I fear I have jeopardized that with my carelessness.

I also have another request. I am truly grateful for the support I receive from my family and friends on the whole troy situation. However, these people are still Danny's family. I have to respect that. I owe my son that much..not son. Danny has such a soft heart, and it is bruised easily, as I have found out tonight. Please help me in staying positive.
Thank you..


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When did he turn into a boy??

Danny has turned into a full fledged boy. Not that he wasn't before..he just skipped the part where bugs were cool, loading up his pockets, thinking body noises were fun, etc..or so I thought.
The last 6 months, Danny has been loading his pockets with treasures from afar..i.e. bottle caps, spent bullets found in the field, used bb's, rocks, and broken bits of just about everything. He has also discovered arm pit farting, spitting contests, and ....squirrel hunting. He has a friend who loves to go hunting with his dad. They go hunting for squirrel. The problem with this?? Chris, nor I, either one hunt. So, this fall, Chris and Danny will take the Hunter's Safety Course to be able to get their hunting licenses, so they can hunt squirrel....together. How cool is that?? I hope they don't expect me to cook or eat it.
The Last Prowl...

Friday, Sept. 29, was the LAST homecoming Malvern will play as the Panthers. They will be merging next year with another small district. Team mascots will have to be decided upon, hopefully, it will be a cool one.
Many people who know me, know I am not fond of the Malvern School District. I had a very bad experience there growing up, and ended up Open Enrolling my sophomore year to Fremont-Mills. My children (outside of preschool) do not attend Malvern either.
However, Friday was a bit sad..sad to see the end of an era. Sad to know this was the LAST homecoming of their own. Sad to see a town who supports its mighty panthers, lined up at a homecoming parade knowing next year, we will be cheering for another team, playing a different school song.
It is sad..
Even though it was sad..miss riles, (and danny, who had stayed home because I thought he had strep throat) sure had a lot of fun. Riles discovered if she waved, people would throw candy to her. (She is the one in the front corner waving in the float picture.