Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have deeply wounded my son...

I don't know if I can fix it. He is heart broken by some words I said. He doesn't understand my anger. He probably never will. I made the situation can I fix it?
Danny was playing my computer tonight. He plays my computer most nights..but tonight was different. Instead of using the bookmark on my computer, I typed my blog address in the address bar. When I am creating new posts, he loves to look at the pictures I have posted. Usually he doesn't read anything..well..tonight, because I was to busy to monitor his internet activities (thank goodness he only went to my blog!) He read the comments I had written about his biological father. (I have since edited my post.) I didn't think anything about the whole dark whole thing. Danny did. His forgiving, loving, 9.5 year old heart doesn't understand why I could think such mean thoughts.
I have always tried not to talk negatively about troy in my son's presence. I want him to make up his own mind about such matters. Now..I fear I have jeopardized that with my carelessness.

I also have another request. I am truly grateful for the support I receive from my family and friends on the whole troy situation. However, these people are still Danny's family. I have to respect that. I owe my son that much..not son. Danny has such a soft heart, and it is bruised easily, as I have found out tonight. Please help me in staying positive.
Thank you..



grandmacarnes said...

Oh, geez, I hope he didn't read what he is getting for Chirstmas. That would ruin the whole surprise. Cindy

supermom said...

oh geeeshhhh, poor little guy. he is so young and innocent to truly see all of it. the good thing is, he will forgive as little innocent hearts do. it is us older wiser hearts that have a tendancy to not forgive so easily.

Ruth said...

He will recover, promise you that. My family used to say terrible things about my ex dh and my dd was always confused. In the end they know where there save place to fall is and it is their mum. Dont be hard on yourself and tell him the truth. Sometimes the dad makes you upset but sometimes you get upset with your current dh or whatever. Life is life. Dont be hard on yourself.