Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Last Prowl...

Friday, Sept. 29, was the LAST homecoming Malvern will play as the Panthers. They will be merging next year with another small district. Team mascots will have to be decided upon, hopefully, it will be a cool one.
Many people who know me, know I am not fond of the Malvern School District. I had a very bad experience there growing up, and ended up Open Enrolling my sophomore year to Fremont-Mills. My children (outside of preschool) do not attend Malvern either.
However, Friday was a bit sad..sad to see the end of an era. Sad to know this was the LAST homecoming of their own. Sad to see a town who supports its mighty panthers, lined up at a homecoming parade knowing next year, we will be cheering for another team, playing a different school song.
It is sad..
Even though it was sad..miss riles, (and danny, who had stayed home because I thought he had strep throat) sure had a lot of fun. Riles discovered if she waved, people would throw candy to her. (She is the one in the front corner waving in the float picture.

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JEN said...

yeah....I know the feeling. While not a big fan of Malvern, it still is somewhat a tiny bit sad. Remember when we were in H.S. and had to come up with a new name/mascot because they thought we were gonna consolidate then? If I remember correctly the RiverRats won the majority of the vote. I can't imagine having a RAT as a mascot! Hope the kiddos loved the parade!