Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When did he turn into a boy??

Danny has turned into a full fledged boy. Not that he wasn't before..he just skipped the part where bugs were cool, loading up his pockets, thinking body noises were fun, etc..or so I thought.
The last 6 months, Danny has been loading his pockets with treasures from afar..i.e. bottle caps, spent bullets found in the field, used bb's, rocks, and broken bits of just about everything. He has also discovered arm pit farting, spitting contests, and ....squirrel hunting. He has a friend who loves to go hunting with his dad. They go hunting for squirrel. The problem with this?? Chris, nor I, either one hunt. So, this fall, Chris and Danny will take the Hunter's Safety Course to be able to get their hunting licenses, so they can hunt squirrel....together. How cool is that?? I hope they don't expect me to cook or eat it.

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supermom said...

squirrel, well, if you'd rather, he could come up to south dakota and hunt duck, pheasant (this is the big one) and deer. squirrel, that is so funny. you dont have to go far to catch them. that is great that chris is going to do that with him and for him.