Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I have the BEST friends EVAH!

I am lucky. Lucky enough to have those precious few I can call "friends." I have friends I have know since gradeschool, friends since high school, friends I have met at various jobs, and friends I have me through scrapbooking. Ironically enough, these (scrapbooking) friends and I have really only known each other for a little over a year. These friends laugh with me, cry with me, scream with me (or at me), and just listen to me. That means the most to me. I have been a bit depresses lately. It seems I am not qualified for any jobs that i have applied for, or I am a terrible interviewer. (Well the only job i have gotten a call back on is working as a CS phone rep for 8.00 an hour. THAT one i got hired over the phone for...don't think so.) and I am lucky enough to be able to substitute and make enough money to enjoy the things i like to do.

Anyway, these friends try to help me feel better about my loser self, and make me feel good. They tell me the right job will come along, and they tell me things will look better in the future, and they tell me people just suck. :) These friends are De, Mindy, Stacy, and Fickel.

Did I also mention they give up a pink bracelet they had extras of so I can feel whole again? Well...fickel is the bestest! lol..Seriously tho. I have been blessed in the friend department. is a pic of us all at The Scrapbook Store. This is where I love to be.

Fickel is of course beside me, from left to right is: (middle row)..Ms. Bettie (owners' mom, Tracey (owner) Stacey (yellow) Beth, and Sheryl (long blonde hair)
(back row) Mindy, De (dee), and Kari (owner).

Be friendly,

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grandmacarnes said...

There is no picture showing up. You WILL get a job, it may just take awhile. I'm keeping everything crossed for ya. Keep applying, it will happen eventually.