Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ok..i don't feel so bad now...
I just talked to my friend i team taught with last year. Today was her first day of school (new teachers had to be there a week earlier than others), and she told me..
1. As of yet, she doesn't have a para (associate).
2. Headstart got rid of their site facilitators. (Which means when they don't have any substitutes, they have no one to fill in for the teachers when they will be gone).
3. Out of 30 Headstart teachers, only SIX are returning.
How sad is that? Does that tell them anything about their program? I think it is sad. Really sad for those kids..because I AM A GOOD TEACHER..and i can't get hired back without an Early Childhood endorsement.

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Deanne said...

I think if I were you that I would really like the substituting better than the day to day routine. You were able to pretty much pick your schedule and schools you were going to teach at. What could be better than that? Things will all work out you watch and see.
Love ya