Sunday, September 02, 2007

Loving this weather, loving these kids...
I was just going through old photos this morning, and came across some pics of miss riles and danno from a while ago. Unfortunately, the ones of danno when he was small(ok..younger, he wasn't so small :) are not on digital technology. I was still using film up until about 3 years ago. Imagine that, I have only been digital for 3 years. I have learned so much about photography since then, and i have to say I LOVE my camera. I am going to be taking the monsters, out and about to take some "professional" looking prints. I did not order school pictures of danny this year, because last year the school went with a local photographer for their pics. Danny's pics last year were horrible. This same woman also took Riles' tball pics, and for 20.00 I paid (i got a 4x6 team shot, a 3x5 of her, 8 wallets, and a button), I could have gotten such better shots of the kids AND a lot more prints. So this year, as soon as the leaves change, i am herding my kiddos to a park, either in T, G, or O. Haven't decided yet. I love how the park across from Mike and Brandy changes in the fall. It is gorgeous. I might do most of the shots there, the park in our neighboring town turns gorgeous colors too, and maybe a duck would cooperate?? I really don't want to go to the city, but the park by the college there turns wonderful colors, plus they have "props". Anyway, here are some older pics of the kids before i knew what i was doing.

I think I fell in love with him all over again this day. Riles was 2 days old.

back when he thought she was still pretty neat..

Danny meeting riles for the very first time...

Logan meeting riles for the first time...look how young he is! lol..just four and a half years ago!
One of my very favorites from last year (christmas photos)
She loves her danny soo...

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