Sunday, September 16, 2007

How fast a week can travel by! My sisters and I got together last weekend, and again this friday night to make breads, cream puffs, and noodles to sell at WhistleStop days this past saturday. Well, Shell took a list to work and sold almost $400! We are doing this to help fund the Halloween party this year. I guess they sold more stuff this weekend at the park.

I had to get a new washer (thank you god, and a big FINALLY!). For those of you who don't know, about a YEAR ago, my darling, wonderful, loving hubby washed a king size DOWN FILLED comforter in my washer. (I did get a new bedding set out of this last year too!) Now, can anyone guess what happened? Yep, it exploded, and I am still finding feathers in our laundry. So after that little escapade the silly old little thing didn't work quite right. PLUS, when we moved into the house, for some reason we had to watch when the washer started to agitate, and MANUALLY turn off the cold water or it would flood the laundry room. GEESH. So, the machine died a very silent death Monday night. Of course it was clear full, and of course it was MY CLOTHES! So i got to go get a new washer. Oh, what is it about new appliances. I have all my laundry done, and want to wash more. lol..I really can't believe how much quieter this one is, and how much more water it spins out.

School is going great. I love my little ones this year, and can't wait to see how much they grow.
Things are going great with my team at work, and I can say I work with a WONDERFUL group of women. If it wasn't for this group and their dedication, we couldn't be successful. GO US! lol...So much more wonderful than last year.
Well.. i am closing now. See you soon!

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supermom said...

a new washer, doing the happy dance for ya. i remember you telling me about that thing. :)