Saturday, September 22, 2007

When Two Became One:

Riles' homecoming parade was yesterday. In some ways it was bittersweet, and others it was astounding. Really. Two rival schools banded together and formed ONE. The togetherness of the students and school spirit is magnificent. These students have formed a new student body that is unified, and has tons of school spirit.
Riles has shown so much school pride for EM. Why? "Her Shawn" is one of the starting seniors. Then she cheers for Brian and Brandon (fruit loop's son, and step sons.) Heck, last night she was even cheering for bryce, who graduated last year.

She loves to go to the football games, and cheer with Grandma Pat, Uncle Kenny, and Aunt ta-chell.
Isn't it amazing that this little pint size maniac is helping me heal? I feel so much less spite for M, than I did a year ago. All because I watch Riles love her team.
Amazing isn't it?
Go Wolverines! (and knights!)


grandmacarnes said...

She absolutely cracks me UP!

supermom said...

wow, i got a bit sentimental when you wrote about it. i always remember "M"'s school spirit as being almost larger than life. that is the one thing i loved about the school, the parade, painting the streets, the bon fire, homecoming, etc. spirit week. weird, now, it is just a memory! :)