Friday, September 28, 2007


Sending out a great big hug and kiss to my sister, Cindy. I opened up (all three) of my (very cheap) black olives tonight, and they were greasy and oily. Hmmph..never had that happen before. SO, I called Cindy, who said that probably wasn't normal and she had a can of olives AND some left over salami for my pasta salad I was (supposed to be) making. Whew. So glad we can share ingredients! lol..
thanks sis, I could never have finished my salad without ya! (and you would think after all the times i have made this salad, i would remember the recipe!

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grandmacarnes said...

HRMPH!!! You have bailed me out in so many ways in the past, you NEVER have to say thanks to me. Remember the nights of making bracelets? HUH? And helping me to card up the glass beads for the show? It will not be forgotten, EVER!