Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bad enough, i scraplift I am BAKE-LIFTING! LOL
So my sisters and I (my sisters are doing most of the work this year..due to my school schedule..thanks guys!) started this halloween party for our kids. Each kid gets to invite their whole class to my sister michelles (she's a fruit loop) astro building (which we turn into a rocking halloween festivities place). We (the adults) are supposed to bring treats for the little maniacs invited. (Last year we had like 98 kids or something like that). So, thanks to Elsie (scrapbooking guru), I am going to make these cookies. Aren't they THE cutest little things? I am not making homemade sugar cookies (well...maybe i will) but love the decorations. How stinking cute!
Love it!


Brandy said...

those are so cute! These kids are going to start twitching from all the sugar from everything. Good thing we get to send them home!!

supermom said...

aren't these just the cutest. she is so darn rock starin creative!