Sunday, October 28, 2007

All those clothes sold at the Gap...
and people pay 40.00 for a shirt for...yep...made by CHILDREN in india. Niiiiiceeee. Yep.. Ironic isn't it? Americans will pay 100.00 for an outfit for their children, while the clothing has been made by a CHILD as young as 10, working 16 hours a day, often paid NOTHING for their labors because they had been labeled "trainees." I wonder how many SELFISH people will still buy their children's clothes at the GAP. Even after this has come out, says they pulled the clothes made at THAT many of their sweatshops haven't been caught? Here is the link

On another note, this one scrapbooking, Heidi Swapp and her husband have moved to CHINA so his company (decorative, iron garage doors) could be manufactured over there. Hmm...makes you wonder what kind of "shop" he has doesn't it? I have boycotted her products. Most of them were very inferior anyway, the chipboard letters (that were SUPPOSED to be self adhesive) well...the sticky was dried up, and the rubons are absolutely terrible. Those are just SOME of the problems I have encountered. Others have found more. It is really obvious isn't it, who is more concerned with the almighty dollar, than values, ethics, hard work, and morals. Interesting isn't it?


grandmacarnes said...

This makes me want to vomit. I can't afford Gap clothes anyway, have shopped there occasionally for clearance items, but will not even walk in the place now. The is reprehensible.

grandmacarnes said...

I mean this is reprehensible. Got my fingers all tied up, I guess.