Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Spooktacular part deux!
WOW! what a fun filled night! The sisters really outdid themselves this year. I didn't have a lot to do with it this year, due to my class schedule on saturdays. I was designated the party photographer, but due to it being dark, a lot of the pics are blurry. That's OK tho. I still got some great shots of the rooms, games, characters, and even bugsmeade juice bar.
The characters:
Mesmeralda, the witch
Red, the Redneck Tooth Fairy
Cindy the bugtender
Dr. Insane the mad scientist
Hayrack the hayrack ride driver
We had 116 (i think) kids this year. That is more than last year! It was an awesome turnout considering several other events going on in town (and this is a very small town). Here are some pics of how the night went.
Deanne becoming Mesmerelda:
Dr. Insane

Redneck Tooth Fairy
Some of the Food:

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