Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wilma, Gary, Jeannie, Mark, and Diesel,
all came for a visit two weeks ago. We had the funnest time at the river, and riles and I went back on Sunday to help cook, and eat, breakfast before everyone left.
Wilma is my dad's first cousin. They grew up like brother and sister, and always kept in touch. I remember how she looked the last time she saw my dad. I truly think he was her dearest friend, even though she lives in California and many miles separated them.
Anyway, Wilma and her husband, Gary, drove their RV from Riverside CA, to Hooper (that is pronounced Hupper, only if you live there tho! lol) Nebraska. Then they joined forces with Mark and Jeannie (also my dad's cousin) and they all drove here to the river to spend the weekend.

Diesel is wilma and gary's chihuahua.

Meet Stupor Man (Mike)

Dianne and Deanne

Gary, Mark, Wilma, and Diesel



:Jayne said...

Your family looks like a bunch of fun people! It sounds like you had a great visit.


grandmacarnes said...

I am so sorry I missed seeing them. They are such neat people. Can't wait for the trip to San Diego.

Deanne said...

I miss them so much already and they have only been gone a couple of weeks. Love the pictures. Thank you for posting them.