Monday, October 08, 2007

How very sad...

I just read on the news a young soldier(man) from a neighboring town lost his life in Iraq. How sad. How honorable. How sad. Please don't get me wrong, I love our country, and I am so very proud, honored, humbled by what the men and women who serve our country do for us. Sometimes, tho, like now..i have to wonder why we are still there. Why? I don't understand. I am so very thankful (selfish) that my brothers are out of the service. They are home not to far away, so we do not have to wonder, dread hearing the phone ring, and never want to answer our doors. I remember well what it feels like. I was only 15 when my brother ron fought in Desert Storm, but I still remember. I remember making my brother mike so many cookies and mailing them to him when he was in Kosovo, but I still remember waiting for him to be home (even though he was stationed in Germany). I feel so much for the parents, wives, siblings, and friends left behind to worry and be brave. I salute you. I salute every man and woman serving our country. Thank you for fighting for those who are weaker, or those who can't. You make me proud.



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