Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Look what we have now!
Aren;t they the COOLEST thing since marshmallows? I went to get hamburger at no frills, and had to park in front of the cowboy store. Well...these little buggers were sitting in the front window, as pretty as you please. So, of course I went in to investigate, and came out with them in hand. They are for Miss Riles of course, and she absolutely loves them. Now, yes they make these in pink, but we all know miss riles would have told me, "PINK IS FOR GIRLS!" so we went with the green ones. Here is a picture of what they look like, yes it is an internet picture, because my house is too dirty to take a picture of riles in the boots inside, and since it is 1000 degrees below zero, we aren't going outside either. (the boots are green with yellow stitching)
happy kicking,



supermom said...

oh my heavens, are those stinking cute or what. i love them. of course they fit miss riles personality to a T.

grandmacarnes said...

Those are really adorable, I called her the other day, she told me she was wearing them. What a fun girl!