Monday, February 04, 2008

What do you think?

Danny doesn't eat well at school. He eats maybe 1-2 things on his lunch tray. So I thought about packing his lunch, but want to do more than the standard sandwich and chip variety. I had heard about this laptop lunch box awhile ago, and thought it was a neat concept. I like the idea I can pack leftovers or different things in it, different than the brown bag concepts. So, what do you think? I hope it will make it easier for me, I can add the main course, fruit, veggies, (and dipping sauce in the little container provided..even caramel dip for an apple!) and silverware. It also comes with a nice bag to carry it in. If he likes it and wants to take some soup or something with him, I can get a thermos for cheap to go with it. Now, if I decide to get it, I hope I can at least get him to bring it HOME.

(want to look up something fun? Go to flickr and search for bento. They are so freaking cool!)


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supermom said...

you must have heard about this from AE. I think they are so darned cool. i don't blame the kid for not eating school lunch. YUCK! I took mine a lot too. You must get Danny the hot pink one. Hee Hee!