Thursday, February 28, 2008

1 proud papa, 2 proud mamas, and 2 energetic young boys=priceless entertainment, and proud moments
We went to the Spelling Bee today. Mike, Brandy, Brandon, Danny, and I. It was a moment to see your child up on stage, nervous, (the turning green nervous), and realizing how very proud you are as a parent and aunt, to see, witness, this moment. Brandon won third place, and Danny won an out on his very first word. I am still proud of him. I wish you could have seen him sitting up there, giving me the deer in the headlights look (course this could have been his signal for telling me...PUT THE DARN CAMERA DOWN!, nah..he loves having his picture taken!), and gulping a few times. Brandon sat up there and beamed. He was nervous, but he was smiling sitting up there. What an honor I had today, witnessing the greatness of adolescence. So very happy they could experience it together.



Brandy said...

yep it was pretty damn cool, I couldn't believe how nervous I was for the boys. Atmospheric, ppbbbffyyytttttt

supermom said...

oh, geesh look how big they are getting! man alive!

Deanne said...

They both look so handsome!! You should be proud of them. I remember my first spelling bee. It was fun but so scary at the same time. Tell them I said congrats.
Auntie D.