Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Touching Base
Riles has decided to play tball again this year. She said she DIDN'T want to play soccer (WHAT??). I can't believe I won't find a soccer ball cooling off in my refridgeraor this year, sigh.
I am home from school today, as is Danny. I cancelled due to the windchill, danny had a 2 hour late start, and I am sick. So, he gets to play hookie (i am sure i will go to hell for being a bad mother). Riles on the other hand, went to school :) The bus picked her up, and will drop her off at grandma's so I can get homework done.
We went and saw The Spiderwick Chronicles on monday. We took kenna with us, and we all liked the movie. I thought the books were so much better, but I usually think that. I know they can't fit it all in a movie, but I sure wish they could try.
Danny picked up a new DS game (zelda) with a gift card Grandma Pat gave him for christmas, and riles' picked up a furreal puppy friend. Kenna couldn't find anything to buy, and said she would put her money on her gift card her dad carries for her! Lol..i love it when she says things like that.

Guess what Miss R and Danny are getting for their bdays? BIKES. yep..we found a john deere one for miss riley, and Danny wants a new red one, and hopefully he will attempt to learn to ride it..oh well. He is good at other things, like SPELLING. Yep, he made the spelling bee, and we get to go watch him and Bubba spell next week.
I will include pictures another time. Blogger is being naughty.
Staying home,


grandmacarnes said...

Oh, crack me up! A john deere bike, who knew?

supermom said...

oh my heavens a JOhn deere bike, how stinking cute is that?

Jules said...

Hope you are feeling better soonest!