Thursday, January 10, 2008

Congratulations Danny!
for bringing home the bestest report card ever! I am so proud of you! Let's hear it folks, he brought home ALL A's and B's! GPA is 3.5! Honor roll for quarter and semester! I am so proud!!!!
Love ya dude!


Jules said...

What a great post to read! Congrats to your Danny for his academic success!

supermom said...

Rock On Danny! That is so awesome! Good job buddy!

:Jayne said...

WTG DANNY! That is AWESOME and I know you worked hard to get those grades!


Deanne said...

Be sure to tell Danno that I said I was really proud of him. I would sent hugs and kisses but I know how he feels about those! :)
Auntie D.

supermom said...

ok, it has been 11 days, chop chop tomorrow is a holiday, maybe for you! update. i see cobwebs forming!