Monday, January 21, 2008

The glory of parenthood...
It all started on Wednesday of last about 11pm. Riles had fallen asleep in the living room, and I had just let her sleep (who messes with a time bomb?) So at 11 she comes into my room crying and says, "Mommy...come look at piggy (stuffed animal she slept with). MOMMY! COME LOOK AT PIGGY!" So I get my kiester out of bed and mosey into the living room, w/o my glasses by the way..and see her pointing to the chair where she had crawled to sleep. I couldn't see what she was pointing too, so i get closer for a better look...WHAM! The smell hit me, and I almost lost it there right along with guessed it..VOMIT. we get her cleaned up, I tucked her in with daddy, and i come out and sleep on the couch. Thursday morning, she dry heaves, eats a pancake, noodle soup, and goes to bed about 8ish. Friday morning, 5:30 she had crawled in bed with us, i heard her swallowing, ya know the swallowing I am talking about, the "too many times to be normal" swallowing? Yep..she throws up, but it hits the spare blanket on the bed, so not a big deal..strip the bed and her, and daddy stays home. She eats all kinds of stuff, drinks lots of water, and goes to bed at about 8ish. Saturday, she wakes up throws up at 6:00 am, drinks some water, eats all kinds of junk, skunks momma pat at chutes and ladders, and sorry, and goes to bed at 6:30ish. Sunday was a good day. Didn't eat real good, but mostly healthy things. Then we have this morning, I heard this little voice from my doorway, "mommy, will you take me to the bathroom?" Now, mind you she had to pass this bathroom to come to ME. I said yes, and she took off for the kids' bathroom, and proceeded to, yep you guessed it. Now, I stay home, and she is acting FINE!
So.. I am wondering if we will EVER get over this, and what happens if danno gets it? Is it another week of this fun activity?

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supermom said...

The Glories of Motherhood! Put some Dolly Parton in and dance it all away! ha ha!