Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter 7
That is all I can say. I finished the book this morning. I was brought to tears many times during this book. I won't reveal anything here..because i fully believe you NEED TO READ the book. I am one of those types who reads the book, and never wants to see the movie, because I know the movie could never do the book justice. However, in the HP series, I have been more excited than Danny to see the movies. I can't wait to see how they bring this book to life (or death).

Danny, Logan, Megan, Kenzie, Shell, Jason, and I all went to the HP party at Barnes and Noble Friday night. We had lots of fun, but left to go get ice cream at about 9:30. When we were done there we went to walmart and decided to wait for the book to be released at midnight. I can't believe how much fun i had! LOL..i am definitely scrapping this moment!
Happy reading...


Deanne said...

I am so dissapointed that I missed this. If I had known I would have taken the night off. This is something I would have definitely loved going to!

grandmacarnes said...

I wish I would have gone, too, Deanne. I read the book, been sick since last Wed, so had time this weekend when I wasn't sleeping to read.