Thursday, July 05, 2007

I wonder...
why some people think it is OK to say very negative and hurtful things about people. I know I have been guilty of it, and from today on...i am going to make sure I am the bigger person. I am going to try NOT to say anything hurtful or negative about ANYONE. Well, except in cases where stupid should hurt...ok..on with my story.
Now, I took this story with a grain of came from a source who is not really the person tends to exaggerate situations. Anyway, this person told me someone (whom i have had the utmost respect for) close to me has said some really nasty things about me. I don't want to believe it, nor do I really believe the WHOLE story this person told me..but ya know how they put that little mustard seed of doubt, so now your feelings are crushed? I mean, i could see this family member saying something if he/she were irritated at the time..but not as nasty as this person has led me to believe. (confusing i know..i am sorry)
So...this is my blog post today..if anyone out there (even if you don't read my blog) has a problem with me, my children, Chris, etc. Tough shit. I refuse to apologize to ANYONE for they way we live our lives. (ok..maybe chris..cause he usually gets the brunt of my annoyance). NOR will I apologize to anyone for "taking away" their drinking buddy. My response to anyone is..TOUGH SHIT. We are a FAMILY. There are certain aspects of LIFE when we NEED to do things TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. I am sure tomorrow i will have this all cleared up, but just needed to vent because i am ready to cry at the whole situation. (On a side note, i am sad because i am a thoughtless person. Yesterday, chris, the kids, and I all went to the river for mike/brandy's fish fry. We didn't make it to pat/blackies, NOR did we even stop before we left town. i am sad. Usually we spend the holidays with them, and we didn't even stop by (we drive RIGHT by them to leave our lane) so momma pat, i am sorry we didn't come see you or call you on fireworks day.. love me.)
prozac please,

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JEN said...

I have a HUGE problem with you, Missy! I have not seen you since Cindy's surprise party. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I know...partly my fault because you are always scrap booking and I need to find a time that works for me so I can scrapbook with you - but still! Thats my problem with you! On another note, I don't know what is going on - but whatever it is - it might just be a miscommunication problem - but it sucks to get your feelings hurt! :)