Monday, July 02, 2007

Have you ever felt...

bad about yourself? I went to a meeting today with the school district, and unless i can get those classes...i won't be returning to headstart in the fall. Sometimes, I sit back and wonder if getting a TEACHING degree was worth it. I have had several interviews, but no offers, except Headstart..and that was basically "we need bodies hire." I know that having an education is something that NO ONE can take away from me, but for some reason I feel like a failure. I feel I failed somehow, and don't understand why i feel this way. I am going to enroll in the classes to GET my early childhood endorsement, because i talked to my university supervisor from BV. She told me everyone who had an endorsement that graduated this year has been hired. Hmph..i am also going to add a reading endorsement, and MAYBE i will go all out and add the Special Education endorsement too. We'll see. I need to go balance the ol' checkbook for this one.


:Jayne said...

Hold your head high, you can do this, sub if you have to this year, but keep going for your degree!
Can't you get special financial help if going for Spec. Ed or your Reading Endorsement? I think the people here do.
Good Luck!

JEN said...

This sucks. Sorry you have to go through this now. It would have been great if they could have told you a lot sooner. (insert a few choice words here!) Have a good day anyways!

Jules said...

Do NOT feel badly about yourself. You are a value my dear and for sure get that certification. Some times wonder about our education system in the US...ah, most of the time, I wonder about it!