Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Conversing with a 10 year old..lol!

Danny: "Mom?"
Me: "Yes Danny?"
Danny: "How hard do you think it would be to defy (sp) gravity?"
Me: "I don't know. I guess pretty hard."
Danny: " Well, it can't be too hard, airplanes and rockets do it."
Me: "I honestly don't know, danny, i have never researched it. Nor have i ever tried to fly without an airplane."
Danny: "Do you think if i made some wings out of plastic, plaster, glue, cardboard and a bunch of other stuff, i could make wings that would work?"
Me: "uh...I don't know..and I really don't want YOU to be the guniea pig who tests your theories off the garage roof."
Danny" Well, how would i know they work, or don't work...i need to be the one who wears them so i know what goes wrong."
Me: "If you hit the ground HARD, they didn't work, if you float, they work."

Danny: SIGH.."MOM! well what about if I added......and......then we......"
Me: singing in my head (lost in this moment with you, i am completly consumed, ...)
Danny: "Do you think that would work mom?"
Me: "maybe..."
Danny: "COOL! I will research it on the net tonight..if i have the stuff can riley and i try it?
Me: "not on your life bucko."
Danny: "ya know...it took einstein 10,000 tries to make the lightbulb..he didn't give up, so i won't either!"

this was danny and my conversation today driving home from shell's. NOW...when should i tell him EDISON invented the lightbulb? LOl... i never wanted to laugh so hard in my life! I hope he always has this passion for learning, exploring, inventing, and i hope he brushes up on his history...lol
Now..how cute is this?? Can you read what it says?
love n luck

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:Jayne said...

Sounds like you are having a fun summer with your kids. Makes me wish mine were little again. Conversations with older teens and twenty year olds are much scarier sometimes! LOL!