Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wow..totally forgot I started this blog. I started this blog in February, when I was in the middle of teaching first grade for 12 weeks. I loved teaching first grade..even tho the little suckers were so naughty.

What brought me about is my awesome niece karen started her own blog. I love the fact that she has done so..mostly so she has a place to post pictures of her adorable kiddos, vent her frustrations, her blessings, and just keep us informed. I love talking to Karen..we have the most amazing conversations..about motherhood..growing up in a small town...and just someone who doesn't slobber.

SO..coming back to the starting of the blog thing..i started weight watchers and lost 33 pounds..yeah me..i need to get back on program..and start again. I will..I promise.

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JEN said...

Congratulations on the weight-loss!! You have two of the cutest kids ever! Your daughter especially reminds me (and looks)like you!
I love your layouts..I'm not creative and I rely heavily on the give me ideas websites! haha.
I was trying to think today if you were in my 4th grade class...I had Mrs. Mulholland. I remember 4th grade mostly because it was the year of the challenger disaster. Now that I think about it - that was 20 freakin years ago! holy crap...