Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ok..on the advice of a friend..i need to post some pics of my kiddos.
I am a mother of two beautiful children..our son Danny is 9.5 and in 4th grade. Riley (Riles) is 3.5 and in preschool (peaschool).

How funny is it that Karen and I ordered the SAME costumes for our kiddos? Riles loves Little People (eddie is her favorite, and he has a frog named Freddie) she chose the frog.Too funny!

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supermom said...

that frog costume is adorable. thanks for the nice comment about me. means alot. i have enjoyed our many conversation that we have. it has been nice to share our hobby together and to have someone to talk to about the little ones and to get your advice on certain kiddo things. make sense or am i just rambling?