Friday, September 22, 2006

If I EVER decide to take my children here again.....

someone PLEASE tell me to either become VERY inebriated...or take large doses of prozac before entering.'re swell.
Actually it wasn't too terribly bad (it's almost like forgot the agonizing pain hours after you have gone through it)...except..i lost miss riles for a good 5 min. I was totally freaking out. They called a code adam and everything. She was playing in the toddler play area..picture mcdonald's playland...and i turned to help danny with a game...viola..Riles is GONE. Guess where we found her?? She had to go potty. How she managed to FIND the bathroom in the first place is beyond me. So..i cried..hugged her...screamed at her..hugged her some more..and proceeded to put myself through more of The Amazing Pizza Machine.

It was actually a pretty cool place..just not totally cool with a 3 year old. Danny had fun. That is all that matters..wanna know something so totally cool about being a parent?? You get to take your kids places your parents would never take you..unfortunately, know we know WHY they didn't take us there! lol...

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