Sunday, September 24, 2006

Guess what someone in our house is getting for Christmas?

I picked this up last night at Walmart. It can hold up to 250 songs. I can't wait until Christmas, to see the face of the unsuspecting party. Shhhh..don't tell!!

Now..we are looking for a neat little kids desk for miss riles. I would like a plastic little tikes type art desk for her. She loves to water paint, color, draw, and do crafts. She has plenty of room in her bedroom. Danny has one, but he WILL NOT part with it. (even though he is to big for it..his was the first christmas present Chris ever bought him)
SO..any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to keep the cost under 75.00.


This is what I have found for desks for miss riles. I am hoping ToysRUs has them here. What do you think?


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supermom said...

never heard of that ZEN thing, i bet you are just beside yourself, filled with excitement to give it to him. be strong now and don't give it to him until christmas.

as far as the art desk, try menard's closer to thanksgiving. i have seen them there and if they don't have them, they do have a little tikes book that you can order from and it takes 2-3 weeks to get them in and sometimes they are on sale too. HTH :)