Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why is it...that...
the biggest, most horrible mistake I made in my life..will continue to come back and haunt my son? I just wonder at the justice system sometimes. I wonder why..when I have a wonderful husband, who is willing and WANTS to adopt MY SON..why this man..(featured in this article on the FRONT PAGE (his/hers pictures included) of a newspaper..a newspaper MY SON'S fourth grade class reads in their classrooms), will not allow this adoption to happen. Why?? Why can't I take this man's criminal record to court and make this happen?? I am so angry..angry at myself for being young and naive, angry because I think dark and angry thoughts, angry that MY SON..will always have this albatross around his neck. You know what tho?? I would make that same mistake over and over in a million lifetimes...why?? Because this child makes that mistake, a blessing.


Ruth said...

Hiya Darl, over here in Queensland we can get leave of the family court to dispense with a birth fathers consent to an adoption. Sounds like that isn't possible over there. Sometimes it is important. Just keep loving him and he will be just fine.

Your layouts are awesome, sketches/lifts or you, it is the way it looks after you have created that counts and your layouts are beautiful. I will look forward to finding more here.

JEN said...

HEY WENDY!!!!! How's it going?! Good to hear from you. I'm gonna try this blogging thing out too - thanks to Karen! I don't know what I'm gonna blog about yet, but that will come in time I'm sure.

About this entry - I was wondering if that was him in the paper. I'm sorry that you have to go thru this and especially with a son! :) It sucks that somehow our past mistakes always seem to haunt us in one way or another..

Keep in your blog - we need to get together for that girls scrapbooking weekend!!!!! SOON! (I need a vacation! haha)

:Jayne said...

Hey Wendy!
Glad to see you've joined the bloggers! Love your title. Your layouts are beautiful, as are your children. I love the way you write!