Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sucks to have nothing to say..
imagine that, me, nothing to say. School was draining today. This is about the time of year, the kindergarten bound students are ready to be "big kids" and go to kindy, and we teachers are dreaming of summer :). It is also time for the most growth, and then things will start to taper off again.
Went on sister breakfast "event" this past weekend. We had lots of food, fun, alcohol, and shopping. It is always nice to get together and have fun. It is always nice to get away. I just wish everyone got to experience a guilt free weekend like most of us do.

I talked to uncle froot loop today. He and his wife have agreed to take on the riles and danno if anything would happen to us. This is such a hard task and hard decisions you never want to talk about, let alone act upon, until you have too. We will be visiting our attorney soon to put things in motion.
I don't want my kids separated if something should happen. As we all know, Chris is not danny's biological father. I have to will danny to him! lol.. I need to take care of these things in case something should happen, and since danny's biological egg splitting chromosonal (is that even a word) assistant is incarcerated for the next 26 years (his TENTATIVE release date is 2019..danny will be 22), I have to have a plan.

We will be celebrating the kiddos birthday next month. They both want Star Wars cakes. go figure. At least it will be easier on the decorations. Still haven't figured out if we are renting the comm center in T, or M.
I will get the pics from our weekend posted soon.

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