Friday, February 06, 2009

How very sad..
to live in a world where there is so much hate. I was visiting the local adult beverage drinking establishment tonight (it can be loosely referred to this, this one time). Sitting there drinking my pepsi, (seriously, it was a pepsi) and a man introduces himself to a friend of my father in laws. Riles calls him herkamer. Anyway, this man introduces himself as Pastor..... I was thinking to myself, um..what kind of pastor drinks hard liquor, freely? Anyway, i noticed a symbol on his jacket about the same time he said, "We are the National Supremacist Movement outside of town." I don't understand their beliefs, just as they don't understand mine. I guess I was just kind of shocked to hear it here, in this small town.
It makes me long for the time when I was a kid. This town was my ballpark. I was everywhere, knew everyone, and if I didn't know them...well they knew my parents, or older siblings:) I was gone all day long. To the pool, the school to play, the library, or to friends' houses. My mom just called my name to come home.
I wish my kids had that.


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supermom said...

you should ask mom about this and our old house. how scarey wendy. it is one thing to dislike and one thing to hate. hate is such a bad thing. i just got a sick feeling reading this. oh my!