Friday, December 05, 2008

Got my last paycheck from my former teaching job today. Um. yeah. They only paid me for a week. The second week I took vacation time (what i had left). They didn't pay me for it. They said my resignation date was the 21st. Um. No. Anyway, they will still pay me for those last days of vacation, but it won't be until the next paydate AFTER my last check. They will pay me for them, so why not when I took them? Geesh. This is a company who takes care of the community (or suppose to). It has a branch in my hometown, and provides a good service. I won't mention names here because that would be petty, and I will be more professional than they were. Good thing OPS will pay me on the 15th. Chris is taking me out for my bday tomorrow. I can't decide between Ruby Tuesdays or Applebees. I really want steak, AND texas probably Ruby's. Love me some texas straws (like the blooming onion at Outback, only in petals).


Cindy said...

your former boss was notorious for this kind of thing years ago. A leopard doesn't change it's spots.

JEN said...

Hey you! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! (you old fart! HA!) I'm only 6 months younger than you! ha ha