Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Took the kids shopping today. BOTH of the MALL!

I need prozac. Lol.. danny used his gift cards to buy 2 new bone books, and riles got 2 new spongebob books. Danny also used his other gift card to get a new transformer game. We then went to target and danny got a star wars toy, and riles got a playmobil construction/fireman toy kit. These toys are AWESOME. She wants the hospital one, and i think i am going to get it for her for her birthday. It would be a great present, because you can keep adding stuff to make it a city type thing. Here is the hospital, and all the stuff on the box is included in the kit.

if you have kiddos who like legos, I am betting they will like these too.
Chris and I are going to town tonight for an adult beverage (me) (s) him. :)
Happy New Year!

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supermom said...

this looks cool!