Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It' s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Thank goodness! I am just ready for the stress to be over. We will read about Christ's birth tonight before we read Twas the night before Christmas, open one prezzie (jammies) and then wait for the big guy to show. Here are some pics of Riles in front of the tree. Danny was at Grandma's so he will get his taken today when he comes home. Riles, Grandma Pat, and I made sugar cookies yesterday. I will have pics to post later. Danny didn't want to help this year, he said it was to young for him to do so. Hmmph. Well.. I wonder if it is too young for him to eat them too? lol
he is getting so big.
(bought these at nobbies danny and riles love them.)
Grandma Pats Christmas light ball

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